Let me guess…


You’ve had a photography business for a while, but your current website doesn’t match your growth or maybe you don’t have a website at all.


You cringe when someone asks for your web address because yours is just plain embarrassing and outdated.


You’ve tried making a few tweaks here and there, but you still end up feeling overwhelmed and dissatisfied.


You’ve tried hiring someone but the whole long, drawn out process was too much for you.


You don’t want to do it on your own again, but finding the right person to work with is proving to be harder than you thought..


a new reality


You felt confident showing your website because it was a reflection of your brand.


Your website could work to help grow your business.


Your website was no longer a headache because you knew exactly how to keep it up to date.


 A lot of times website design or re-design can be a long drawn out process that leaves everyone feeling burnt out and frustrated. The Website Refresh program was designed specifically to take out the frustrations and replace them with effective action that leaves you with a fresh new site in just 6 weeks.

Website Refresh isn’t your typical website design service where we leave you in the dark till the end.  You’ll be a huge part of the Website Refresh process. You’ll be responsible in getting your images and website copy (all the words) and we’ll tackle the behind the scenes design work of building your new WordPress website.

You’ll learn what makes up a great website and what you should include as well as learning how you can maintain the site when we’re all done….leaving you with the freedom and knowledge to make updates (hello, fresh headshot!) whenever you feel like it! No more having to hire out small fixes and wait for someone else to get around to it.

Long story short- Website Refresh is a 6 week collaboration to give you a brand new WordPress Website that functions well and wows your potential clients.

Who are we…and why would you want us to help you?

We’re Suzanne and Anna. We’ve both been running successful photography businesses for the last 8+ years. We know what it’s like and we know what it takes to be successful. We’ve also both been designing WordPress websites for photographers for 4+ years and have studied analytics and website performance so we know what works!

“I loved working with Suzanne & Anna for my website design.  Their eye for design is amazing and I loved how easy it was to complete everything.  I also liked how they educated me every step of the way, so after it was completed I knew how to go in and create blog posts or change information on the site.  I’m so pleased with how my website turned out. It’s professional and pleasing to the eye and truly shows my customers what my business is all about.”

Rachel Venema

The Process



Gathering the information & images that make you shine online



Working together to perfect your vision and online presence.



After all your hard work it’s time to celebrate because your brand new site is LIVE!

In just 6 weeks you’ll have a gorgeous website that functions beautifully and a vault of knowledge to maintain it.

The Templates

We’ve created 6 templates geared specifically to photographers. You’ll choose which template fits your brand the closest and from there we’ll work together to customize it to fit your brand and brand message perfectly.







Working with Website Refresh was such a breeze! Everything was so well planned out, easy to follow, and speedy. I love my new website! Suzanne listened to and implemented every last request I threw at her and the result is so pretty. Best of all, I’m outranking my local competition on Google just days after our launch. I couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much!

Julie Collins

Julie Collins Photography

How much does it cost?

Website Refresh was created with your budget in mind.  As small business owners ourselves we understand that investing $3-5k in a completely custom website is often out of the question. That’s why we’ve streamlined the design process and created templates to build on giving us the ability to offer you a price that’s doable.

Website Refresh is priced at an introductory price of $900. The $900 will be broken down into 2 payments of $450. The first payment will be due upon acceptance into the program. The second payment due the Friday before launch day.


We’ve got answers…

Do you offer payment plans?

The payment for Website Refresh is broken down into two payments. The last payment is due before “go live” day!

What if I don’t like any of the templates you offer?

Well, we’ll start off by crying…just kidding! We get it…our designs might not be what you’re looking for. Our templates are the only ones included in the price of Website Refresh but we are also willing to work with Divi templates from Melissa Love over at The Design Space. If you want to check out her Divi Templates too you can check them out here.

Why do I have to apply?

Website Refresh is truly a collaboration so it’s extremely important that we only work with a select few at a time. The application process ensures we have the right 6 people to work with for each round.

How many hours of work should I expect to work on this project?

The hours of work will vary for everyone depending on the week and what info you already have together. Expect for the first 2 weeks to be heavier in work as you gather all of your images and copy. The last 4 weeks will be mostly touching base with us as the design work progresses. It’s safe to say you’ll need to set aside a few hours each week to complete the project.

I'm not tech savvy...can I still do Website Refresh?

No worries at all! The tech stuff is up to us! Your responsibilities are primarily gathering the content for your site and let us know what you want and what needs to be changed. When the website is done you’ll be equipped with our training vault with must have trainings to make any small changes in the future! 

Will we be communicating during the process?

Yes! Communication is a huge part of the Website Refresh process. We will be communicating througout the entire process especially after the first two weeks when we start nailing down the finished design and making site edits.

What if I don’t have a current website?

No site, no problem. If you don’t have a site yet that’s totally fine! We’ll be starting from scratch so you might just want to set aside a little more time to gather images and write the copy for your site.

What if I don’t have a domain or hosting yet?

That’s ok! You’ve got time to get it set up before we start. The sites built on Website Refresh are built on WordPress with the Divi theme and our add on templates. In order to have WordPress you’ll need a domain and hosting set up. We highly recommend SiteGround for your domain and hosting services.

Will my current website have to be down for the whole 6 weeks?

The only downtime your site will experience is on “go live” day! Your new site will be built on a separate sub-domain until it’s completely ready to go live. They’ll be a little downtime as we move your new site to your main domain.

Is Website Refresh only for WordPress sites?

We fully believe that WordPress is hands down the best website platform around. Best for SEO, most versatility, and best for blogging. Website Refresh. If you don’t already have WordPress don’t worry…it’s free and easy to get as long as you have a domain and hosting set up.

Are we a good fit?

We shouldn’t work together if…


You’re photography is more of a hobby than a business


You haven’t quite landed on a brand or a photography style


You have trouble meeting deadlines

We should work together if…


You’re ready to take your web presence to the next level


You are highly motivated and ready to work


You have a vision for your brand and a cohesive photography style

Ready to have your dream website?

In order to give you and your site the attention it deserves we only commit to 6 sites per round of Website Bootcamp.
To ensure we’re a good fit we’ve created an application process.

Applications will be accepted from April 22-25.

Website Bootcamp will begin April 29 with Launch day on June 3rd.